Movement Idea 4

  It’s cold in here again. My Miguel Bose Pandora station is playing. I have to take some time to listen and mostly feel (mostly feel today) this time and place. After moving around on the floor I decided to have a starting ‘physical place’, a beginning point. My movement will be a negotiation from … More Movement Idea 4

Movement Idea .3

Movement Idea .3, for your consumption…I say that this is for your consumption because I would like the participant to take a new position or perspective of movement (dance) as a language of expression. My purpose is not aesthetics or style, but instead a communication.To participate, you are invited to read the movement. Reading the … More Movement Idea .3

I’ts happening!I am excited to start this for realz 🙂There are three dancers who will be participating this go’round.  One in Ireland, one in NYC and one in San Antonio.  I have been reading some, and gleaning lots of info, mostly from and the meta-academy.  There are so many angles and so many connections … More