Betwixt & Between: curating a Facebook experience

I’m browsing Facebook today (I don’t do this often) and I see live stream posts from Ana Sanchez-Colberg. She’s live streaming  Betwixt & Between performance events.

I watch.

A woman is sitting in front of a red chair, moving her hand above her head in a circular motion. She stops and switches hands. She crawls around in circles, stomping her hands.

I scroll down half an inch and I can still see the woman moving and stomping. But now a video post by Amanda Hall begins playing just one post down. Amanda is leading a large group of people in some kind of hip-hop fitness class. The room is crowded, the lights are low, the music is loud and pumping.

I scroll a quarter of an inch up to see the live streaming Betwixt & Between dancer.  She stands and stomps her crutches in a circle. She is in some kind of hallway.

If I keep the page in just the right place, I can watch both dancers and events. The woman with crutches alone in a hallway. The woman surrounding by people steadily watching and moving in sync with her.

I use my mouse and scroll up and down.

Up and down to hide and reveal, watch and unwatch, the woman who is live and the woman who is recorded.

I feel like I am part of a/the performance. As I am watching these two videos, I am curating my own performance experience by juxtaposing their view. I play with the recorded video by pausing it and playing and re-playing.

I was betwixt and between these two vastly different forms of movement as dance. They stood on polar opposites for me. I could vacillate between them, not choosing one over the other. I was joining them, I was the connection point the state betwixt these two poles of  dance.

Betwixt & Between facebook event page

American College of Greece/Contemporary Dance Practice


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