A dissection of purpose

For me being an artist is being a human. A hyper-sensing human. A human filter,  filtering experiences and outputting something, like a marker. Some kind of choreographed sharing. Some kind of interpretation. Some kind of representation. Some kind of  ritual.

My work (task) {job} is to take what I have lived, what I have understood, what I have known and, with all my powers, shape it into that which others can experience,  understand and know. But, the knowing and experiencing do not have to be complete but they instead are satisfied with being merely tastes/sabores.

They are fragile touchings.
Like telling someone a dream you’ve had and trying to convey the actuality of it to your listener. All the while you are telling the dream,  the felt experience is slipping  away from you. With each word chosen to communicate the experience, you are taken farther away from the feeling of it and eventually you are left in the moment of ‘present’ realized reality. After the telling,  you are hyper sentient of your physical place and mental position. It is an impossibility to fully share.
As an artist I can only grasp at moments of poiesis, transcribe them into some kind of medium (my body) {my movement} to share…..

featured image photo: Erik Bosse. photo is from out year length project, “Taken In Arms”


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