From Flesh to Abstraction: an interactive disappearance

We are finally here, the event. We will be having an interactive dance installation entitled From Flesh to Abstraction: an interactive disappearance. We are tangible, flesh and we as humans are continually transcending outside of ourselves to communicate via technologies of speech, text and presence.

On each day (Saturday and Sunday) there will be a 1hr, live performance by myself and the three remote/live-streamed dancers followed by a looped 1hr performance where the remote dancers will be replayed but neither them nor myself will be performing live. The “audience” will be able to participate as well in a special designated area where we will have an XBox Kinect set up to further translate the movement into abstract visuals projected onto windows and a screen.

So if you are in San Antonio, TX, please come by and interact with us, its basically a dance party with interactive tech. The more people, the more fun.
Map to The Radius Center:

Everyone will be reading and translating movement. The “audience” will be guided through the space and event with AR artifact that I will set up around the space. For this I am using Aurasma  

But, if you can’t make it, both Saturdays and Sundays Live performances will be streamed on YouTube:

Saturday, 6pm US Central Time

Sunday, 2pm US Central Time

All of this would not be possible without Dr. Joey Lopez and the Convergent Media Collective which has been super supportive, fun to work with and all around awesome collaborators.


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