The last Movement Idea for this Iteration

Here it is the last movement idea for this iteration of this process. My MFA experience is coming to a close and I’m currently in a piece-meal production mode. Doing things as I am able and getting down to finishing up the written artifact of this process/project/research. It is a mostly personal research, nothing I am doing is new to the vast world. Maybe its a shift of paradigm for some.

Here are the rules/score for this practice:
1] You are invited to read the movement. Reading the movement means that you will watch, listen, and reflect. 
2] Translation of the movement idea. As you reflect, watch and listen again and again and again, you will then take the idea and speak it yourself using your own body and movement ‘technique’ (I use the word technique here in the sense that all bodies have an acquired and learned way of moving). 
3] This is the most exciting and rewarding part, you will then video yourself translating the movement and then share with all of us **. You can share your video links in the comment section. Or just share your experience with words.




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