What is a good reading?

For me, when I dance, I know that I am ‘saying’ something. The way I choose to move is a conveyance of symbols. When I watch someone dance, my mind is working at decoding, deciphering, the dancer’s movement so that I can come to an understanding. As an Egyptologist may be drawn towards a desire to decipher hieroglyphics, I am drawn towards a desire to decipher and translate the movements of a human body. It fascinates me, I see it’s beauty and perceive a message.
So for my research I wanted to delve further into this process which I am constantly engaging in when I watch dance, instruct dance and dance myself AND, lest there be any question, when I watch human movement, instruct human movement and move myself.
At the core of what I do, my experience with watching/reading and translating movement is the vision, my eyes and what they are perceiving. My eyes are like a video frame and I want to take in everything in that frame. The color, the bodies, the floor, walls, ceilings, sky, ground, horizon, etc..
Then I look inward, my body, my placement in the space/world, my position, high, low, balance, edge, falling, rising, etc.. From these two awareness-es, I then am able to move, the senses of sight and sensation afford me the ability to speak/move. What am I saying? What am I conveying? What do my movement symbols mean? That is the reading. How is movement read? What is a good reading? In the explanation and example which I just gave is how I read, and for me a reading involves awareness of my senses, taking in the movement not as something that is happening outside of myself, my body; but something that is happening within my space, my world. This other moving or this my moving is an ocean, biosphere, excavation site (from Michael Klein).
So I guess, a good translation must arise first from a good reading. A good reading  comes from being and accepting a psychological state of hineni. Hineni means ‘here I am’. I interpret this as a deep offering of one’s presence. An offer of honest, true and accepting presence/being, an actuated state of being.


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