Movement Idea 4


It’s cold in here again. My Miguel Bose Pandora station is playing. I have to take some time to listen and mostly feel (mostly feel today) this time and place.
After moving around on the floor I decided to have a starting ‘physical place’, a beginning point. My movement will be a negotiation from this physical place.

Read this movement idea. This means to watch, take in the visual-ness, its architecture, the color, sound….
Reflect on this movement idea. What resonates in your memory about it as you go about living your life? Does your body empathize with the movement?
Translate this movement idea. Take the resonances and the empathies and tell them, move them, through your anatomy.

If you engage in this score, I and others would like to know what your translation is. You can post video links in the comment section. Or if you want or have questions, you can email me with your discoveries and translations


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