Thought-body investigation

photo: Amber Ortega-Perez performing at Luminaria 2008 

So I’m here trying to to figure out this research, how do I send and receive meaning. How do I fully access the thought body?

The thought-body allows me to move in response with what my mind is perceiving and understanding and what my body is sensing. Francois Lyotard wrote of the ‘thought-body’:

Sensation is, among other things, also the affection that ‘the subject’
– the thought-body, which I’ll call anima – experiences on the occasion of
a sensitive event…The affectability of the soul
by way of sensation is not merely the sign of a complicity between the soul and sensation, it is also the sign of a secret dependence: the anima exists only as affected. The soul of which I speak is but the wakening of an affectability; and this state of being remains disaffected without a sensitive event, a stamp, or a color to excite it. Only the other affects this ‘outside’ soul. Being here is not the result of a consciousness aiming at its noematic
correlate – as in Phenomenology, nor is it the result of a permanent substance, as in Substantial Metaphysics. Being is the state of waking from the nothingness of disaffection through a sensitive over-there (Lyotard, 2004).

There is a time of listening to the surroundings and listening to the abilities of my body. Right now the heater is humming loud and I can hear cars going by. My body is cold on one side and warm on the other. My left scapula is uncomfortable. I will move now.

For me the ‘free’ movement that loosens up my body and gets me focused on moving can take a short amount of time (5 minutes) or longer amount of time (20 minutes). It really depends on the amount of stress I have to let go of. One observation is that the longer I take, the more connected to thought -body I can be.

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