I’ts happening!
I am excited to start this for realz 🙂
There are three dancers who will be participating this go’round.  One in Ireland, one in NYC and one in San Antonio.  I have been reading some, and gleaning lots of info, mostly from dance-tech.net and the meta-academy.  There are so many angles and so many connections to be made.  But to pare it down to tangible and every-day ideas and words…
I’m going to be choreographing in a different way this time.  The only way that the dancers and I will communicate will be via online and media.  We will not have any traditional rehearsals together.  I also have no clear notion of how this communication will be brought into a performance event.  For me, what feels like the most important thing right now is to communicate and to find ways of ‘speaking’ to each other.  Also, I am working on allowing my preconceived desires or structure to change in regards to the direction of communication.
Here is my first Movement Idea (Movement Idea .1).  The dancers, and anyone else out in cyberspace/otherplace, will watch my movement on this video. The movement should be read like a story or the way you listen to music.  It is not to be memorized or copied. Each dancer, after having read it or listened to it as many times as they wish, can begin to translate it via their own body knowledge.  It’s like hearing a story and then having to tell it to someone else but with your own voice and your own emphasis and possible changes, if the changes help it to make better sense to you.
Please partake of this movement idea and share them back again in your own movement language on this blog. I would love to see your translations!!!


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