What Ended Up Happening….

Sorry this has taken a while.  After the summer semester I took a couple weeks to be with my family and visit some friends but now I am back to work as the Fall semester begins today!
Here is the video of the performance of the movement.  As explained in the previous posts, there were two dancers who were tasked with watching the videos and absorbing the movement ideas.  I had the boxes constructed because I wanted to visually emphasize the autonomy of each dancer/body/mind.  The dancers had one tech/dress in the boxes, one of the dancers didn’t even know he would be confined to a box until he saw them and began questioning (that was fun).  The projection design was built by a JU professor (Bill Hill) using the Isadora program.  The projection was randomly generated each time a green button was triggered on the computer.  The dancers had to respond to the changing images, this necessitated a state of awareness/perception-reception and performance.
To make things fun a Wii controller was passed around the audience which allowed them to randomly change the video.  Unfortunately, the Wii sometimes did not work…oh well.  There was a Master Controller who sat with the computer and randomly switched the video output, it was his choice when to begin the video, when to randomly change the video, and when to end the video.  Towards the end he announces
“Two Minutes”, this was an auditory information feed to the performers which they were tasked to act upon within a parameter but, however and whenever they chose but they had two minutes to do it.

Choreography: Amber Ortega-Perez
Dancers: Tommie Waheed Evans, Sayward Russel Grindley
Master Controller: Pioneer Winter
Music: Jordan Chiolis, That Which is Left Unsaid

This video is of the one time performance we had, our final showings during the last week of summer semester.
Comments and questions are welcome, they help me to continue questioning my process and of course feed the development.

MFAsummer2015 from amber ortega-perez on Vimeo.


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