Final Summer Video

This is my final video post for this summer trial.  I will be sure to post the video of the formal showing of this accumulation.  

To recap, I am using these videos and this online presence to expose or find human subjectivity.  By subjectivity I mean the uniqueness or individual qualities that make a person identifiably singular among all other humans.  This summer I have acquired new language to describe what I have already known but not fully understood.  I had the privilege of listening to Michael Kliën speak and share his philosophy of dance as well as participate in what he calls Excavations, which are safe spaces where a person can dig out their thought-body and release it into an honest and true dancing state. 
Kliën believes that dance forms and bodies are institutionalized, shaped by their societies, and are owned and regulated by the politics and philosophies of these societies; hence most people have never had the experience of an intense and true dancing state.  This of course involves the politics of bodies and bodies in motion; what is proper, what are acceptable ways the body can or should move?  

So an aspect of this research is to instigate a method whereby a person, a moving body, can have a safe place to excavate into their own body’s way of speaking a common language without judgement.


2 thoughts on “Final Summer Video

  1. This video seems the most similar to how I am used to moving myself, and even though it is the shortest, feels to have the most large movement out of any of the videos. With this one, I began repeating it over and over again until it started to take on a new life and form even. I felt the rhythm live inside me and keep driving what was coming out. We will see what actually comes out on stage though.


  2. So far this is my favorite phrase. It's seems to stick to my memory but also feels the most comfortable on my body. I haven't played with the many different ways one could experience this, but I've enjoyed the flow of it.


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