2nd Video

Here is the second video in this accumulation. Each video has a short phrase which is to be added to the previous phrase in the 1st video.  Remember that the mover/dancer should NOT emulate or copy my movement step by step.  Think of the movement as a blank or empty form,  a plain shirt that you can wear.  The mover/dancer should take the empty form and fill it with their own context and bodily knowing.  The timing, phrasing and emphasis will be drawn out over time as the mover/dancer considers and “tries on” the movement.  Eventually, after considering the movement in the body over time, it will begin to take on the mover/dancer’s own viewpoint.  
P.S. please excuse my haggard appearance and the arbitrary objects in the frame, the video was taken late at night after a long day of movement and discussion with my cohorts and guest artist, Juri Nael.


One thought on “2nd Video

  1. I noticed in this segment a lot of similarities to what we had done with Juri Nael that day in his workshop. By experiencing his exploration in going down to the floor and back up in various speeds, especially extremely slow, allowed me to be able to recall that experience and what it felt like in my body. Having that previous knowledge has made the embodiment of this phrase have a certain context for me. It would not be the same for those who had not experienced that previous experience. However, this becomes my information that I bring to this material and layer onto it. It begins to have a certain meaning for me, as I recall those experiences through the movement.


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