This is How We Play the Game…

This is the test run of my idea for tele-choreography, an investigation into finding embodiment through a dis-embodied conduit of information.  I am viewing the computer and video camera as an extension of my conscious being. In doing this I will be adopting a posthuman definition of cyborg by adapting my artistic process to this mode of translation and transmission.  The video and computer will be a conduit for the transmission of movement to the movers.  At this time there are two movers who will be engaging in the absorption of my mediated movement (Tommie and Sayward).
Here are the rules for the movers:

  1. Your task is NOT to emulate or copy the movement you see.  Instead, you will watch the video as if you are reading a story or passively listening to music.  
  2. After watching the video a few times, you can begin to try on the movement.
  3. You will use your own body to understand the initiation, timing, and phrasing.
  4. Your primary goal is to access your bodily knowledge in order to read, and interpret my 2-dimensional, mediated movement.
  5. Think of the the movement as a sentence that you will consider throughout your day, and when a new video is uploaded, you will add that movement sentence to the previous, and so on.

P.S.  This is an all-skate!  Meaning if anyone out there in cyberspace would like to try their body at embodying my movement, then by all means go for it.  I would be very interested in seeing how people interpret and translate it via their own knowledge


One thought on “This is How We Play the Game…

  1. As I am trying to learn and embody this movement, I find myself watching the video over and over in order to study the essence of the movement and allow it to leave an impression on my brain and body. I do not want to watch the video while working on the movement in the studio, and so I need to be sure to watch it enough and feel that I have grasped the information and am then able to work on it in the studio and allow the traces that have resided in my body to appear in the movement. This allows me to add my own bodily knowledge onto the movement phrase, and make it work for me. This becomes my interpretation of the movement and also allows my body to think for itself, rather than trying to copy the choreography, as how I am used to learned movement material. This is a refreshing process for me to be able to allow my body to make these choices.


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