Here I Go

This is not easy for me, putting myself into the open space, a space larger than what I am accustomed.
I am a choreographer and I am in my final year of graduate school (MFA Choreography).  This blog is to serve the function of keeping me on task and in truth.  Truth, honesty; finding voice from a new impetus and following intentions. 
I just spent a three day intensive workshop with Ana Sanchez-Colberg and she was a validation for me and oh my, what knowledge and desire to share!  Before that it was three days with the wise-man choreographer, Alonzo King and he was a life changer for me.  Both of these experiences I will hold on to as I go forward in life because what they taught me had more to do with life and living than art and dancing.
So here I go, into the vast internet, grasping at the ephemeral-web place in an effort to find new space for inspiration or poietic instance.

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